The MR. Red Stone Skin is Here!

This is a poem,

who is full of energy,

and who has torches as arms,

and his feet look like pistons!

Who’s head is made of a solid block of red stone?

MR. red stone does!

MR. Red stone!

Right click and save to download MR. red stone skin ——>  MR. redstone minecraft skin2


I will be using this skin in all of my tutorials. If you don’t know how to change your skin this is an easy step by step walk through:

  1. put into your address bar (a Google search for minecraft will work too)
  2. when you’re on the website click “log in” (put in the same user name and password as your minecraft account)
  3. click “profile”
  4. go to “change how you look in minecraft” and upload your file (you will have to turn minecraft off & back on again before it works)
  5. you’re good to go “have fun”